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  • BAOYUE PEARL 2022 National Day Holiday Notice

    09/29/2022 15:01

    2022 National Day Holiday Notice Please note that BAOYUE PEARL will take 7 days of Public holiday from 1 Oct. to 7 Oct. 2022 and resume business on 8 Oct. 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience cause to you and thank you very much ...

  • Pearl Processing - Glorification

    09/07/2022 14:31

    Brightening is one of the important processes in pearl processing. Experiments have shown that magnesium-containing compounds in weakly alkaline conditions. It has a significant brightening effect on pearls. Adding aluminum-magnesium co...

  • Pearl Processing - Polishing & Beading

    07/25/2022 09:42

    Polishing is the last process in the pearl optimization process. It reflects the level of optimization, and the result directly affects the smoothness and luster of the house. If it is handled well, it will greatly enhance the crystal wh...

  • Pearl Processing - Pearl Culture

    07/16/2022 11:35

    Pearl Processing - Pearl Culture   Pearl Processing - Pearl Culture Choose high-quality oysters Choose pearl oysters with a complete shell, no damage, full soft body in the shell, no disease and other robust pearl oysters ...

  • Freshwater pearl processing- preprocessing

    07/09/2022 10:12

    Freshwater pearl processing- preprocessing Pre-treatment mainly includes sorting, punching, puffing, lighting and other processes. The cleaned pearls will be taken out and continue to be screened according to the size of the pearl and t...

  • Freshwater Pearl Processing - Bleaching

    06/23/2022 16:28

    Brightening is one of the important processes in pearl processing. there are six steps to do this working: Pearl & Bleach Potion Mix, Soak Storage, Washing (Walnut Peel), Lay Down Cotton, Air-Dry and Drying Pearls. [caption id="at...

  • What's an Akoya Pearl ? and Why are Akoya pearls so special and expensive ?

    04/17/2022 06:22

    What Is An Akoya Pearl? And Why Are Akoya Pearls So Special? What is an Akoya Pearl and what makes Akoyas special? With the fashion world embracing pearls like never before, there is quite a buzz about pearls these days, prompting Vogue...

  • What's the difference between natural pearl, cultured pearl, freshwater pearl, shell pearl and edison pearl ?

    04/14/2022 11:11

    Today, pearls are regarded as both classic and contemporary, coming in many more fashionable styles than your grandmother’s traditional strand of pearls, Learning about types of pearls is important when adding items to your jewelry colle...

  • Shipping cost and Sales Tax

    04/12/2022 11:33

    Freight Cost of Purchasing and Sales Taxes The Prices we quote are EXW Prices, Not Including Freight cost. Sales Tax: Payment through PayPal is preferred for the Order amount less than USD500. And a 4.4% sales tax (fees) will b...

  • How Do Oysters Make Natural Pearls ?

    04/11/2022 17:36

    Natural pearl begins its life inside an oyster's shell when an intruder, such as a grain of sand or bit of floating food, slips in between one of the two shells of the oyster, a type of mollusk, and the protective layer that covers t...

  • Natural Pearls Culture Process

    04/11/2022 07:50

    Want to know the Cultured Pearl Process ? After you read this article, maybe you will have a rough ideas about the natural pearls cultural process, in fact, cultivating pearls is a long process, each step requires the careful care of ...

  • What's the Edison pearls ?

    04/10/2022 11:29

    What exactly is Edison pearl? The pearls are named after the great inventor, Thomas Edison, who for all his intelligence and innovation, said “There are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory – diamonds and pearls.” The j...