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Freshwater Pearl Processing - Bleaching

Brightening is one of the important processes in pearl processing. there are six steps to do this working: Pearl & Bleach Potion Mix, Soak Storage, Washing (Walnut Peel), Lay Down Cotton, Air-Dry and Drying Pearls.

Through washing, soaking with special substances, drying or lighting, etc., the original color of pearls - white is revealed. Every pearl farmer or every processing Different factories have different methods of processing pearls. There are differences and good ones depending on the person.
Experiments show that magnesium-containing compounds have a significant brightening effect on pearls under weak alkaline conditions. Add the aluminum-magnesium complex salt with other crystals into the weak base buffer, stir to form a suspension, put it into a bottle, add pearls and stir to make After mixing, the pearl fish suspension is evenly embedded in the aluminum-magnesium complex salt by natural sedimentation, and the constant temperature water bath for several days can effectively and significantly enhance the luster of dull and low-light pearls.
Luster is an important criterion for evaluating the quality of pearls, and it is the lifeline of pearl craftsmanship.