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Natural Pearls Culture Process

Want to know the Cultured Pearl Process ?

After you read this article, maybe you will have a rough ideas about the natural pearls cultural process, in fact, cultivating pearls is a long process, each step requires the careful care of experienced farmers, and the beautiful pearls can be harvested after many years.

1. Choose High Quality Mother oysters.

Choose pearl oysters with a complete shell, no damage, full soft body in the shell, and no disease as the mother-of-pearl oyster.

2. Implantation of bead nucleus & cell pellets

Using a minimally invasive method to implant bead nuclei and cell fragments into the oyster.

1. The pearl oysters waiting for implant pearl nucleus

2. Implant pearl nucleus and cell fragments into the oyster

3. Implant pearl nucleus and cell fragments into the oyster

4. Implant pearl nucleus and cell fragments into the oyster

3. Cultivation

The pearl oysters willbe placed in a net cage and then hung in the water with ropes for culture, after 3 years,maybe more time the oysters will grow up big and big, the pearls will grow up also with the oysters.

Natural Akoya Pearl Culture Environment

4. Harvest season

This process is complex, mainly includes sorting, punching, puffing, dehydration, lighting and other links. The pearls that have been cleaned after being taken out are screened according to the size of the pearls and the conventional grades, and the pre-grading is carried out. High-grade pearls are processed by high-grade methods, medium-grade pearls are processed by medium-grade processing, and poor are processed by simple processing. For each grade, there are corresponding measures, which are pre-classified and organized in advance.

China Zhuji Freshwater pearls and Edison Pearls Culture Bases and Culture Environment

South Sea Pearls and Saltwater Pearls Culture Environment and Culture Bases

5. Brightening

Brightening is one of the important processes in pearl processing. Through washing, soaking with special substances, baking or lighting, etc., the original color of pearls - white is revealed. Every pearl farmer or every processing factory has a different method of processing pearls.

Natural Pearls Brightening Process

Natural Pearls Brightening Process

6. Polishing

Polishing is the last process in the pearl optimization process, it reflects the level of optimization, and the result directly affects the smoothness and luster of the pearl. Polishing can also coat the pearl surface with a thin layer of wax, which can protect the pearl surface from damage caused by mutual friction between pearls. The choice of polishing speed and polishing material ratio is the key to determining the quality of polishing.

The good quality pearls can be decorated after cleaning, bleaching, polishing and factory processing.

1. Freshly harvested pearls should be washed with water first, and then soaked in saturated brine for 5 to 10 minutes. Or it can be washed with detergent, then punched and added with accessories, which can be directly used as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
2. Pearl polishing is a process of grinding and replenishing. The polishing carrier can grind the unevenness of the pearl surface, remove the body fluid, dirt and unpurified calcium carbonate on the pearl surface, and make the pearl surface smoother.
3. Before pearl polishing, the pearl should be waxed, and then stirred to make the polishing wax adhere to the surface of the pearl, and then put into the polishing machine for high-speed polishing. In the early stage of waxing, the stirring is mostly manual. Manual stirring is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also stirring. Non-uniform, inefficient, waxing and polishing steps tend to be incoherent.
4. Avoid contacting pearl jewelry with acids, alkalis and chemicals, and do not swim or bathe with pearl jewelry. Acids, alkalis and chemicals will affect the luster and color of pearls.


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