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What's the Edison pearls ?

What exactly is Edison pearl?

The pearls are named after the great inventor, Thomas Edison, who for all his intelligence and innovation, said “There are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory – diamonds and pearls.”
The jewelry world has since gone on to do both these things and with great results. Edison pearls are one of the latest in a long line of pearl innovations and the name Edison is a reminder that what can be seemingly impossible, can be done.
Edison pearls were created by the Zhan siblings who come from a family with over 40 years’ experience in the pearl industry. The research for Edison pearls took many years and an enormous budget but the outcome has been highly lauded. Edison pearls were first sold in 2010 and has since carved a name for itself as a high-end pearl variety.
Edison pearls are actually very simple, freshwater pearls with cores. Traditional freshwater pearls are seedless and uncontrollable in shape, with few being large and round. And seawater pearls are all nuclear, big and round (Akoya is small, maybe is big and flat), and the high-end atmosphere is high-end. In order to change the fate of freshwater pearls, aquaculture companies have learned from the cultivation technology of seawater pearls and cultivated a new type of freshwater pearls with nucleus. This is a huge innovation to traditional freshwater pearls, so it is named "Edison pearls".

Sparkling Edison pearls comparable to Tahitian pearls

Edison's Demon Purple Pearl, a color complement to high-end seawater pearls

The High quality Edison White Pearls

Edison pearls, usually single cultured (one mussel cultured for one pearl), are cultured in the same way as South Sea seawater pearls (South Sea gold pearls, Australian white pearls, Tahitian black pearls). Because it has a nucleus, it can be round and large. The roundness and size are also similar to those of South Sea seawater pearls. The difference between the two is that Edison pearls are cultured in freshwater, and their mothers are mussels; South Sea pearls are cultured in seawater, and their mothers are seashells. Due to the different species of mother oysters and the water in which they are cultured, the colors of the pearls are also different. South Sea pearls are mainly white, black and gold, and Edison pearls are white, pink and purple, which are the same as ordinary non-nuclear freshwater pearls.

Edison Pearl Large Modern Farm

For a long time, fresh water has really been traditional seedless culture. Pearls are naturally grown and formed, so the shape is uncontrollable. Most of them are crooked melons and jujubes. Many have no decorative value and can only be used for medicinal purposes. The second is a large number of flat round and rice-shaped, very few round, and even fewer high-quality balls.

Primary Screening of Seedless Freshwater Pearls

Seedless Freshwater Pearls

Due to historical reasons, China's pearl culture focuses on scale and production, and does not pay enough attention to the pursuit of quality. The rivers, lakes and reservoirs suitable for cultivating freshwater pearls in China have vast waters, abundant labor resources, and inexhaustible biological resources for mother-of-pearl mussels. Rare is more valuable, this is the eternal truth. There are so many freshwater pearls, and most of them are of poor quality, so it is difficult for this variety to be related to the high-end. China's pearl production accounts for 90% of the world's production, but only 10% of the output value. In fact, it is not only pearls, but many industries are like this. In the early stage of development, the emphasis is on quantity and less on quality. This is a process from scratch to excellence.

Seedless freshwater pearls come out like this, high-grade pearls are only one in a million

The "nucleation" of freshwater pearls is actually in line with international standards. Because in addition to the traditional non-nucleated freshwater pearls, all cultured pearls are nucleated. In this age where we don't mind breast augmentation, butt augmentation, and cosmetic surgery, it's not a big deal that a pearl has a nucleus in it. As long as it is big enough, round enough, and bright enough, it is high quality. Therefore, in the future, seedless freshwater pearls will become less and less, and may even disappear.

Features of Edison Pearls
1. Big and round. Because it is cultured with nuclei, the individual Edison pearls are larger than those of non-nucleated freshwater pearls, especially the roundness is good, and the proportion of round pearls is significantly increased.
2. Breeding technology requires high requirements and high cost, which forces breeding companies to concentrate resources and energy and implement refined management. As a result, the quality of pearls has been greatly improved. Edison pearls are not only large and round, but also have good luster and beautiful color. Of course, there is still room for improvement in this regard. After all, the cultivation of nuclear freshwater pearls started late, and the accumulation of technology and experience is still relatively weak.
3. The advantage of breeding scale ensures the price advantage of Edison pearls. High-quality Edison pearls have caused a great impact on South Sea seawater pearls in the international market, and this impact will continue to expand.

Edison Pearl's younger brother: "Freshwater AK"
As mentioned earlier, Edison pearls are single-cultured nucleated freshwater pearls. In fact, there are also multi-bead cultured nucleated freshwater pearls, that is, several nucleated pearls are cultured in a mussel. These beads are also very round and shiny. , but the head is usually only the size of an akoya pearl, much smaller than a single cultured Edison pearl, usually less than 9mm (Edison pearls are generally more than 9mm). This small, round, nucleated freshwater pearl is commonly known as freshwater ak. I think it could also be called "Little Edison Pearls".

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