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  • Pearl Processing - Glorification

    09/07/2022 14:31

    Brightening is one of the important processes in pearl processing. Experiments have shown that magnesium-containing compounds in weakly alkaline conditions. It has a significant brightening effect on pearls. Adding aluminum-magnesium co...

  • Pearl Processing - Polishing & Beading

    07/25/2022 09:42

    Polishing is the last process in the pearl optimization process. It reflects the level of optimization, and the result directly affects the smoothness and luster of the house. If it is handled well, it will greatly enhance the crystal wh...

  • Pearl Processing - Pearl Culture

    07/16/2022 11:35

    Pearl Processing - Pearl Culture   Pearl Processing - Pearl Culture Choose high-quality oysters Choose pearl oysters with a complete shell, no damage, full soft body in the shell, no disease and other robust pearl oysters ...

  • Freshwater pearl processing- preprocessing

    07/09/2022 10:12

    Freshwater pearl processing- preprocessing Pre-treatment mainly includes sorting, punching, puffing, lighting and other processes. The cleaned pearls will be taken out and continue to be screened according to the size of the pearl and t...

  • Freshwater Pearl Processing - Bleaching

    06/23/2022 16:28

    Brightening is one of the important processes in pearl processing. there are six steps to do this working: Pearl & Bleach Potion Mix, Soak Storage, Washing (Walnut Peel), Lay Down Cotton, Air-Dry and Drying Pearls. [caption id="at...