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Natural Pearls Samples Policy

BAOYUE pearls wholesale provide normal quality pearl samples to some of our clients who always do business will us, and hope to check some goods quality. We are professional natural pearls wholesale and real manufacturer, our factory supply many kinds of  natural pearls, freshwater pearls strands, loose freshwater pearls, baroque pearls ,Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls , Natural pearl jewelry with "factory Direct Prices",  we have abundant freshwater natural pearls stocks in available, we delivery large quantity natural pearls strands and loose pearls within 2-3 days. if you want to get samples from us, please cooperate with us at first and please check more information about our samples policy.

For most of  normal quality natural pearls, we would like to provide some Free Samples to our old clients from all over the world,  we know it's maybe helpful for old customer  to see the quality before they make bulk order. and you don't need to pay sample cost. we will prepare the samples which you are interested and send those free samples to you. you only need to pay the sending cost from our factory to your company. the sending cost is cheap. and we can arrange samples sending within 2-3days.


For some high quality natural pearls samples which is very expensive and we can provide free samples, we must tell you this situation and we promise provide samples to any customers from all over the world with wholesale price even though you only need one piece samples to check quality.  please contact our sales who will contact you once get your requirements. and we will arrange the samples sending to you asap. Normally, the samples delivery time is about one week. 


For Custom natural pearls samples which we must designs as your requirements,, so we need take sample charge based on your samples requirements.  the exactly cost we don't know how much cost. once our sales get your information about custom designs , we will make quotation for you.  in this process, maybe need more time to finish samples production. any question, please keep in touch with our sales which contact with you.


Natural Pearls Wholesale factory have many years experience in supplying many kinds of natural pearls wholesale natural pearls , freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls and design jewelry for our clients, please don't worry if we can do everything well , any new enquiry about custom design natural pearls jewelry and pearls accessories. please contact us to get a free quote.

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