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  • 8mm keshi necklace and bracelet white drop pearl set

    05/20/2022 10:25

    8mm keshi necklace and bracelet white drop pearl set, freshwater pearl necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets jewelry set wholesale. This design pearls jewelry set come under the category of Freshwater Pearls Sets , we are Freshwater p...

  • 100% Keshi pearls in strand , 13-30mm biggest baroque Keshi pearl wholesale black color ,full hole drilled . 

    05/01/2022 16:34

    100% keshi pearls in strand,13-30mm biggest baroque pearl wholesale black color ,full hole drilled .  This Baroque Shape natural pearls in strand come under the category of  Keshi Pearls , we are natural pearls ,Freshwater pearls, Edi...

  • Natural Pearls Culture Process

    04/11/2022 07:50

    Want to know the Cultured Pearl Process ? After you read this article, maybe you will have a rough ideas about the natural pearls cultural process, in fact, cultivating pearls is a long process, each step requires the careful care of ...

  • The difference between seedless KESHI Pearls and Baroque Pearls

    04/05/2022 15:39

    Many customers have encountered such confusion when purchasing special-shaped beads, which are also pearls with obvious surface characteristics. Why is the price gap between baroque and keshi so big? Are there inflated prices? How do we ...