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The difference between seedless KESHI Pearls and Baroque Pearls

Many customers have encountered such confusion when purchasing special-shaped beads, which are also pearls with obvious surface characteristics. Why is the price gap between baroque and keshi so big? Are there inflated prices? How do we think about these two exotic beads? Let's start with the difference between these two special-shaped beads and tell you the difference between them:

Comparison of Keshi (left) beads and baroque pearls


1. What are non-nucleated keshi beads: only in sea water, grow up a little bit naturally, not artificially cultivated, the number is scarce, the bead layer is thick, and the luster is very thick and three-dimensional. Long growing and high value, high-quality keshi is priced by weight.

KESHI Pearls under normal light

2.What is baroque pearl: Baroque is divided into freshwater baroque and seawater baroque, both of which are artificially cultured. There are pearl cores cultivated inside the pearl. Relatively speaking, seawater baroque is more valuable than freshwater baroque.


Baroque pearls in backlight


From the above formation reasons, it can be seen that the formation of keshi is very slow, and usually the quality of keshi beads is very high. Therefore, if the same size, the value of non-nuclear keshi is hundreds of times higher than that of baroque.

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