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How to maintain freshwater pearls?

How to maintain freshwater pearls?

Pearls are a kind of high-end jewelry, so we should pay attention to daily maintenance. The composition of pearls is calcium carbonate containing organic matter, which has poor chemical stability and is soluble in acid and alkali. Therefore, NaturalPearlSource.com has compiled some maintenance methods for freshwater pearls for your reference.

1. Maintenance of freshwater pearls
There is moisture in the pearl. Do not store the pearl necklace together with the desiccant to avoid the pearl being too dry and turn the pearl yellow. At the same time, do not store the pearl necklace in the jewelry box for a long time, which will make the pearl Dehydration, so pearl necklaces need to be worn frequently. Pearls contain water-loving substances and should be stored in a cool place. At the same time, the pearl necklace should be kept at an appropriate humidity during storage. Wearing a pearl necklace should not be exposed to high temperatures.

2. Maintenance of freshwater pearls
When collecting, it is best to store it separately from other jewelry, so as to avoid the hard objects of other jewelry from scratching the relatively fragile pearls. If your pearl is an unusually gorgeous pearl—for example, with gold fittings, then be sure to avoid heavy metals such as mercury. Gold can react chemically with mercury vapor.

3. Maintenance of freshwater pearls
Do not wear pearls for swimming or bathing, and avoid contacting pearls with acids, alkalis and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, styling water, etc. These need to be avoided, so as not to affect the luster and color of pearls. Do not wash pearls directly in clean water. Water stains that enter small holes or crevices will be difficult to wipe dry, which will cause them to ferment and affect the color of pearls. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth dampened with water or a liquid that has no effect on pearls.

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