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How to take care of your South Sea Pearls?

How to take care of your South Sea pearls?

Pearls are a precious organic gem, and they are a treasure that can be passed from generation to generation if they are well cared for. That is why we explain how to take care of your pearls:
1. Pearls are kept in a humid environment, that is why it is good that they are in contact with your skin and that you wear them often.
2. Pearls are the first thing you take off when you get home, and the last thing you put on when you are getting ready. It is good to avoid that the pearls come in contact with perfumes, creams or any beauty product, for that reason it is always recommended to put them on when you finish dressing up.
3. It is advisable to keep pearls separately, since being in contact with other objects or jewelry can damage or scratch their surface.
4. If you see that the surface of your pearls is getting damaged, or they are losing their luster, take them to your trusted jeweler. They should not charge much for treating them to recover the luster.
5. DO NOT bathe with them. To take a shower is not recommended but it does not happen either, what can seriously affect the pearls is the chlorine of the swimming pools, which can make them lose luster.