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Pearl Strand Wholesale

Pearl strand wholesale

naturalpearlsource.com is professional in wholesale pearl strand wholesale, freshwater pearl strand wholesale over 10 years.  BAOYUE PEARL take many advantages from pearl farms directly and arrange drill hole from our own manufacture. Most of pearl raw material from our pearl farms, and  string pearl strands by pearl shapes, different size and different quality. we wholesale pearl strand with low prices. NaturalPearlSource focus on supplying high quality freshwater pearl strand, Natural Freshwater loose pearl, freshwater baroque pearl strand, freshwater Edison pearl strand, cultured freshwater pearl strand from China. We are professional natural pearl wholesale from China. if you are looking for natural pearl strand wholesale, or you are searching natural pearl strand wholesale to manufacture natural pearl jewelry, welcome to contact us.

1. Farm Direct Prices
BAOYUE Pearls set up in 2011. We are professional Natural Pearls wholesale and Manufacturer which is located in Zhuji , Zhejiang of China. the biggest freshwater pearls Hometown in the world. we focus on supplying natural pure pearls from China, we offer lowest “Farmer-Direct” Prices to our customers.
2. Pearl Strand Wholesale
We are pearl strand wholesale professional natural supply chain and freshwater pearl strand wholesale, which is experienced in providing freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls,Tahitian pearls,South Sea peals and Hanadama peals with "Direct Factory Prices", BAOYUE Pure Pearl bring Chinese Factories Prices + Different Countries Service Culture under the one roof, we are professional Pearls Wholesale .
3. Extensive Experience
BAOYUE natural pearl source didn’t just “pop up on the Internet overnight”. We have many Years working in supplying high quality pure pearls and natural pearls production and sale industry, both inside and outside China, exporting to a wide range of countries. We know what customers expect and how to consistently deliver it.
4. High Quality Guarantee
One of the pitfalls to watch out for when dealing with overseas factories is when the samples get an “4A” grade but the actual products get an “A”, With BAOYUE, Our Experienced QC Check the pure pearls and orders carefully and strictly, for Every order before shipment to give you peace of mind that what you ordered is what you will receive, We always adhere to integrity-based.
5. Large Stock Pearl Strand
NaturalPearlSource provide abundant cultured pearls Stock source of various shapes; sizes; colors and origins, BAOYUE PEARL export large quantity pure pearls to clients around the world. our output is over 1 million strands every year. Fast Shipping: 1-2 days (Stock). So please don't worry if we can supply sufficient stock natural cultured pearls and arrange shipping on time.
6. After-Sale Services
We want and expect you to be thrilled with your purchase, but to provide you peace of mind, we offer a 30 days return policy for most of our products. any question, please feel free to contact our sales once you receive goods. we will try our best to help you, you only need to pay some express cost and we trust our Sincere service builds a bridge of our friendships.

Cultured Freshwater pearls are graded using a version of the Chinese Pearl Grading System which separates pearls into Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV grades according to Surface Quality, Luster, Matching and perfection of Shape (roundness and symmetry).

In order to simplify this classification system and maintain consistency with other popular grading systems, many vendors convert this Class system to a whole letter A-AAAA Scale. Class I pearls would be the highest grade, with Class IV representing the lowest pearl grades. Much of the Chinese Grading System utilizes the Japanese A-AAA Grading System to evaluate pearls (Luster and Surface Quality mainly), and ditches the "+" signs, relying on whole-letter grades instead.

See the chart below for a detailed breakdown of theA-AAAA system and the statistical benchmarks pearls need to meet in order to make the grade.

breakdown of the A-AAAA system and the statistical benchmarks pearls need to meet in order to make the grade.

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