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  • Pearl Earrings wholesale
  • Pearl Earrings wholesale
  • Pearl Earrings wholesale
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  • Pearl Earrings wholesale

Pearl Earrings wholesale

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Colors :  Pink, Natural white, Green, Black Color.
Shapes : Rice shape
Sizes : 9-9.5 mm
Quality Grade : AAA
MOQ : 10 Pieces
Pearl Grading : https://www.naturalpearlsource.com/pearl-grading/

Pearl Earrings wholesale pearl accessories wholesale

BAOYUE PEARL focus on Wholesale freshwater Pearl Earrings with low prices,  we have over 11 years experience in provide high quality Loose Pure Pearls, Freshwater Pearls Strands, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls , South Sea Pearls and Baroque Pearls with wholesale prices from China. if you are looking for natural loose pearls source or Pure pearls wholesale, or need to customize your pearls accessories as your requirements or drawing, It's a good choice to choose us !

How Are Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls Created ?
Most pearls( 99% ), whether saltwater or freshwater, are cultivated, not natural.
This means that a small piece of mollusk tissue or a bead was placed into the mollusk, which covered it with nacre – the material pearls are actually made of.
Pearls created this way are also called “cultured pearls.”
Generally, the longer the growing period for a given pearl, the better the formed nacre is in terms of quality. However, pearls that are cultivated for a longer time are also more expensive.
Contrary to what many people think, most saltwater pearls are not natural but cultured.

NaturalPearlSource' Pearl Quality Policy:
We stock large quantity natural freshwater pearls strand, loose freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls graded from A grade to AAAA grade or AAA grade for customers around the world, we supply big quantity China freshwater pearls with Farm Direct Price.
Welcome to contact us to get cheap Natural Pearls and Pure pearls with farm direct price. BAOYUE Pearl focus on Pearls Wholesale, Freshwater Pearls Wholesale, Akoya Pearls Wholesale, Tahitian Pearls Wholesale, South Sea Pearls Wholesale, Baroque Pearls Wholesale over 10 years, we provide large quantity natural pearls to customers around the world.

We supply All sizes, All Colors,All Shapes freshwater Pearls and Pure Pearls With " Wholesale Direct Price " to worldwide pearls jewelry wholesalers and pearls accessories manufacturers around the world.



What's the pearl shapes ?

Pearls come in eight basic shapes:
Round – Perfectly round pearls are the rarest and most valuable shape.
Semi – round– used for necklaces or in pieces where the pearl can be disguised to look more rounded.
Button – used in pendants or earrings where the flat back can be covered and it looks like a rounder larger pearl.
Drop – often used in pendants, earrings or as the focal point of a necklace.
Pear – also often used in pendants, earrings or as the focal point of a necklace.
Oval – potato shape, often used in pendants, earrings or as the focal point of a necklace.
Baroque – valued for their unique and fascinating shapes.
Ringed or Circled – have a concentric ridges along the middle of the pearl.

8 Different Shapes of Pearls

Our Advantages:

Farm direct prices since 2012, strong productive ability.
Ensure the large quantity supply freshwater pure pearls, natural pearls.
We are the one of the largest natural pearls ,pure pearls farmers and wholesaler of Loose Freshwater Pearls in Zhuji City China.

Strict quality inspection:
6 production processes ; 12 inspection processes ; 8 experienced QC check ;
Every pure pearl has its quality assurance.

Guarantee ( More details, please check article link: Exchange & Refund )

1. 30 days without using and damage of the pearls;
2. Bulk product quality not same with samples;
3. Merchandise are not same as order requirements.

If you want to manufacture your Pearl design or Drawing about Pearl Accessories , Please leave a message to us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

If you have any question about natural Pearl Grading, Pearl Sizes, Pearls Shapes, Pearl Colors, or Pearls Origins. Please come in BAOYUE Pearl Education page to read relevant articles, maybe you can get your answers, the link: BAOYUE Pearl Education , thank you for your attention!

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