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Japan AKOYA Series Pearls


Many buyers purchase akoya pearls, but they are confused about the classification of pearls, and some people even think that pearls are only white or pink. This article is to try to let you know the classification of AKOYA round beads.


To this end, I have made a picture specially, you can browse it a little first, I will make a popularization in the form of explanation and question and answer in order from top to bottom, saying too professional is not helpful for purchasing, but it is easy to get confused, so, The following is a classification and explanation for the purpose of helping you have a direct understanding of each variety and locating your favorite pearl types.

Japanese Round Akoya Series Pearls

1. White color with certificate: 彩凛珠(baby珠)、花珠、天女、特选

彩凛珠(baby珠): The real scientific research institute's exclusive term for high-quality small-sized AKOYA with a diameter of less than 6mm. If you want to compare horizontally, you can understand her as a small-sized flower bead. 

花珠: The exclusive term of the True Research Institute for high-quality AKOYA with a diameter greater than 6mm.

天女: For the real research institute, for the diameter larger than 6mm, the surface has no or slight flaws, the shape is perfectly round, and the luster is the strongest. At the same time, the color needs to be observed under a specific instrument. The body is white but with more than three colors such as pink and cyan, and the cortex is 0.4 Appellation for high-quality flower beads above mm.

特选: It is the exclusive name used to describe the highest quality Akoya pearls on the Akoya Pearl Certificate issued by the Japan Pearl Export Processing Cooperative Association.

特选: It is the exclusive name used to describe the highest quality Akoya pearls on the Akoya Pearl Certificate issued by the Japan Pearl Export Processing Cooperative Association.

2. Silver blue series with certificate: 彩云珠、蓝玫瑰、真多麻

彩云珠: silver-blue pearls smaller than 6mm, which are equivalent to trumpets and really hemp. The output is much less than Cailin beads. Personally, I like them very much.

蓝玫瑰 (blue rose): Natural silver-gray akoya, the skin light is comparable to that of the real hemp, the color is deeper than the real hemp, but the degree of blemishes is slightly more than the real hemp.

真多麻: The proper name for the Japan Pearl Institute to describe high-quality silver-grey Akoya pearls. The top Aurora Zhentama is also a rare panda in Akoya pearls.

3. Yellow with certificate: 羽丝皇、极光皇后

羽丝皇: AKOYA pearl with light yellow color, the output is not very large, especially suitable for white skin.

极光皇后: The skin light is very good. It is a creamy white background with a layer of yellow floating on it, and it also has some champagne color, which is a little darker than Yusihuang.

4. Mixed color with certificate: 混彩皇后

5. Akoya beading without certificate


 There are some normal questions which customers asked.

1. Are akoya beads without a certificate bad ? Can't circulate in the market ?

No,The certificate is an identification of the quality of pearls, and it is necessary to pay a fee to take it to an identification agency for identification. I myself have an akoya pearl necklace without certificate, the skin and blemishes are better than the flower beads with real research certificate.
If you are an experienced user who can tell the difference between skin light and imperfections, then you can judge based on your own experience. Some of the beads without a certificate are completely above the level of flower beads, but the pearl dealer does not want to spend time and money to issue a certificate.
But there are indeed some points that do not meet the public aesthetic standards in the six major elements of judging the quality of pearls, such as Baroque, which is not round. This depends on the buyer's preference and acceptance. Some friends who understand pearls will also find special-shaped beads for matching.
If you are really unsure about paying attention, you can refer to the seller's opinion, which of course is the opinion of a reliable and knowledgeable seller.


2. When is it suitable to buy AKOYA without certificate ?

a: Know how to choose pearls
b: I plan to wear it casually, a friend who is not demanding
c: Friends who don't care much about the added value of certificates
d: Sellers can help identify

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