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How to Care For Freshwater Pearls ?


Real freshwater pearls are organic gemstones. They are a very soft gemstone only rating 2.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, meaning pearls require special care to maintain their radiance and lustre over time. When not wearing your pearls, preserve their beauty by following these simple care and maintenance steps.

1. When the pearl is not worn, put the freshwater pearl jewelry in your jewelry box, and don't forget to wipe off the dust, sweat or grease remaining on the pearl skin with a flannel. If it is dirty or dry, you can wipe the surface with a flannel dipped in a little distilled water (purified water), and store it after air-drying.

2. Maintenance of pearls: Do not expose to the sun, and place them in a place protected from the sun and moisture. When the weather is dry, you should put a glass of pure water next to it to let the pearls absorb the water vapor. You should take it out and wear it every once in a while, and don't keep it in the box for a long time.

3. Avoid touch with chemicals such as perfume, camphor, grease and strong acid and alkali. Prevent pearls from fading and fading. Therefore, before cooking, you should take off the pearls, because the surface of the pearls has a slight roar, which will absorb grease and oil fumes, which will cause the pearls to turn yellow. When wearing, wipe with a clean soft cloth.

4. Pearl storage: Pearls need to be stored separately in a suede jewelry box. Try to avoid collision with hard objects. If you put pearl necklaces on clothes, try to avoid wearing too hard fabrics, which will scratch the epidermis of the pearls.

5. Avoid wearing pearls in water: Avoid wearing hand-strung freshwater pearls strands in water (salt or fresh water) as the moisture will perish the silk threading. Exposure to water can also affect the adhesive used for most pearl earrings. Additionally, the chemicals used in chlorinated water will permanently damage the finish of the pearl, resulting in a dull pearl with no lustre. It is recommended to remove any jewellery before showering, swimming or sweating to reduce exposure to moisture.

6.Check the stringing of your pearls: Continually check the stringing of freshwater pearls and restring when necessary. The best indication of pearls in need of being restrung is by assessing the knots between each pearl. If the knots appear to be stretched or frayed, it is a signal to restring the strand. On average, pearls should be restrung every 24 months depending on the frequency of wear.


Real freshwater pearls are a true investment. With the recent pearl trend here to stay, it is important to follow these simple care tips to preserve the quality and colour of this jewellery box essential.

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